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Division 1: Systematic Fisheries Science
Division 2: Marine Biology and Dynamics
Division 3: Marine Life Science and Biochemistry
Division 4: Marine Material Scinece
Institute for East China Sea Research
TS Nagasaki-Maru
TS Kakuyo-Maru
Professors Emeriti

Division1: Systematic Fisheries Science
TAKEDA, Shigenobu, Professor
Research Interests: Fisheries Oceanography and Marine Environmental Science: Clarification of physical, chemical, and biological interactions that affect primary production in the ocean, especially mechanisms that control the growth of phytoplankton assemblage caused by availability of trace metals including iron; relationship between biogeochemical cycle of nutrients and human activities in coastal regions.
Teaching: Introduction to Oceanography, Introduction to Marine Environment, Water Quality & Ecology
KAMEDA, Kazuhiko, Professor
Research Interests: Study on the structure of distribution and price-formation of the fisheries production; Socio-economic study of the utilization of the fisheries products; Study focusing the international relationship on the Mexican fisheries policy.
Teaching: Marine Social Science, Fisheries Economics
MATSUSHITA, Yoshiki, Professor
Research Interests: Fishing technology, Conservation engineering, Resource assessment techniques.
Teaching: Capture Fisheries and Ship, Fishing Gear and Methods
KIYOTA, Masashi, Professor
Research Interests: Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management
Teaching: Processing of Marine Information, Fish Stock Assessment, Introduction to Mathematics
YAMAMOTO, Naotoshi, Professor
Research Interests: Mechanism of structural change in marine-food system; Correspondence and behavior of marine food distributors; Farming business and commercial distribution/transaction system of the cultured tuna.
Teaching: Environmental Economics on Fisheries, Marketing of Marine Food & Products
SHIMIZU, Kenichi, Associate Professor
Research Interests: Navigation, Marine Instrument
Teaching: Astronomy and Meteorology, Marine Instrument
TAKIKAWA, Tetsutaro, Associate Professor
Research Interests: Tsushima Warm Current, East Asian Marginal Seas (Tsushima Straits, Japan Sea, East China Sea), Observation.
Teaching: Physical Oceanography
HIROSE, Miyuki, Associate Professor
Research Interests: Marine Acoustics, Fisheries Acoustics
Teaching: Wave Motion, Vibration, Acoustic Wave and its Engineering; Physics I
YAGI, Mitsuharu, Associate Professor
Research Interests:
Teaching: Fishing Boat Technology & Related Science, Fishing Production System

Division 2: Marine Biology and Dynamics
SUZUKI, Toshikazu, Professor
Research Interests: Ecology of marine planktonic ciliates. Marine microbial food webs
Teaching: Planktology, English for Marine Environmental Sciences
AMANO, Masao, Professor
Research Interests: Marine Mammalogy and Cetology: Research on the social structure, behavior, bionomics, ecology, population structure, and taxonomy of whales.
Teaching: General Fisheries Management, Behavioral Ecology of Aquatic Animals
SAKAKURA, Yoshitaka, Professor
Research Interests: Aquaculture Biology, Fish Ethology: Behavioral development of marine fishes, and determination of fish quality for release.
Teaching: Basic Biological Statistics, Aquaculture and Stock Enhancement
YAMAGUCHI, Atsuko, Professor
Research Interests: Life history of coastal elasmobranchs. Ecological studies of demersal fishes.
Teaching: General Fisheries Biology II, Zoology II, Fisheries Biology
WADA, Minoru, Professor
Research Interests: Marine Microbiology: Dynamics of the microbial community metabolism and structure in oxygen minimum zone (hypoxic water mass), Interactions between burrow-forming benthic animals (bioturbing infauna) and sediment microorganisms, Dynamics of phycosphere bacteria associated with harmful algal bloom (HAB) and Development of new methodology for monitoring microorganisms associated with coral disease such as Rapid Tissue Necrosis (RTN) and White Spot Syndrome (WSS).
Teaching: Introduction to Oceanography, Biological Oceanography
TAKEGAKI, Takashi, Associate Professor
Research Interests: Evolutionary and Behavioral Ecology: Behavior and reproductive ecology of aquatic organisms with main focus on fishes.
Teaching: Fundamental Zoology, Genetics, Ecology
YAGISHITA, Naoki, Associate Professor
Research Interests: Diversity, Classification and Evolutionary Biology of Marine Fishes
Teaching: Marine Biology I, Zoology II, Fundamental Zoology
KAWABATA, Yuuki, Associate Professor
Research Interests: Behaviour and ecology of fishes: Studies on the movement and behavioural patterns of fishes in relation to the feeding, competition, spawning and association with drifting rafts; Studies on the feeding strikes and escape response of fishes in the context of predator-prey interactions.
Teaching: Ethnology of Aquatic Animals, Information Literacy for Fisheries Science, Fishing Production System
KONDO, Yoshiko, Associate Professor
Research Interests: Chemical Oceanography
Teaching: Geochemistry, Introduction to Marine Environment
TAKEUCHI, Seiji, Associate Professor
Research Interests: Benthic Community Dynamics in Intertidal Sandflats in Ariake Sound
Teaching: Marine Benthic Ecology, Ecology

Division 3: Marine Life Science and Biochemistry
HAGIWARA, Atsushi, Professor
Research Interests: Mass culture and preservation of live feed planktons; Diapause, sexual reproduction induction, mating behavior and speciation of marine rotifers; Larval rearing of marine animals with environmental control.
Teaching: Fish Feed & Nutrition, Aquaculture and Stock Enhancement
OSATOMI, Kiyoshi, Professor
Research Interests: Studies on structure, function and pathological significance of superoxide dismutase in fishes; Structure and function of serine proteinase from fish myofibrils.
Teaching: General Biological Chemistry, Biological Chemistry I, Genetic Engineering
ISHIBASHI, Fumito, Professor
Research Interests: Isolation, structure elucidation and synthesis of bioactive marine natural products.
Teaching: Organic Chemistry, Marine Natural Product Chemistry
KUWANO, Kazuyoshi, Professor
Research Interests: Cryopreservation and Culture collections of marine macroalgae; Genetic diversity of marine macroalgae; Life histories of marine macroalgae
Teaching: Plant Science I, Plant Science II
SATUITO, Cyril Glenn, Professor
Research Interests: Larval ecology of marine invertebrates, especially mussels, oysters, barnacles and tunicates; Development of new antifouling technology
Teaching: General Fisheries Biology II, Zoology I, English for Science
SUGA, Koushirou, Professor
Research Interests: Fish Pathology and Molecular Biology: diagnosis of fish diseases, development of new medicine, and study on developmental mechanisms of aquatic organisms using molecular techniques; genetic analysis of zooplankton and fish larvae and juveniles.
Teaching: Reproductive Biology of Aquatic Animals
YAMAGUCHI, Ken'ichi, Professor
Research Interests: Structure and function of ribosomes from aquatic organisms; Isolation and characterization of protein toxins and bioactive proteins from marine organisms.
Teaching: General Biological Chemistry, Enzymology
YOSHIDA, Asami, Associate Professor
Research Interests: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Exploration of structures and physiological functions of functional proteins derived from marine organisms including genetic cloning and posttranslational modification analyses, and study on degradation kinetics of muscular protein in fishes from the perspective of food science.
Teaching: Biological Chemistry II
KIM, Hee-Jin, Associate Professor
Research Interests: Plankton Ecology
Teaching: Biological Environment, Introduction to Marine Environment
KOYAMA, Takashi, Associate Professor
Research Interests:

Division 4: Marine Material Scinece
ARAKAWA, Osamu, Professor
Research Interests: Mechanisms of accumulation and metabolism of paralytic shellfish poison in toxic crabs of the family Xanthidae. Mechanisms of accumulation and metabolism of the puffer toxin in the newt Cynops pyrrhogaster. Investigations on the causative substance(s) of parrot fish poisonings. Toxicological studies on freshwater puffer fish from the Southeast Asia.
Teaching: General Food Science, Analytical Chemistry, Food Hygiene II
TAKATANI, Tomohiro, Professor
Research Interests: Studies on Marine Toxins: Distribution of an excitatory amino acid, domoic acid in red algae; PSP toxification mechanism of the abalone in Spain; The toxicity of a pufferfish, Takifugu vermicularis, epidemiological investigation on the pufferfish poisoning, local variation of the toxicity, and the movement of the toxin during the frozen and defrozen processes.
Teaching: Analytical Chemistry, Food Hygiene I
INOUE, Tetsushi, Professor
Research Interests: Microbial application of marine biomass. Bioenergy of marine bacteria.
Teaching: Food Microbiology
TANIYAMA, Shigeto, Professor
Research Interests: Fishery Nutrition and Food Science. Studies on losing post-mortem transparency in the mantle muscle of oval squid, and post-mortem changes in the muscle of fishes.
Teaching: General Food Science, Nutritional Physiology
ICHIKAWA, Hisashi, Associate Professor
Research Interests: Muscle protein biochemistry; Protein chemistry of fish meat treated with sodium chloride for food processing.
Teaching: General Food Science, Marine Food Science, Food Designing and Processing
HAMADA, Yuki, Associate Professor
Research Interests: Studies on fish and shellfish allergy (Identification of their allergens and elucidation of their physicochemical and immunological properties), and hypoallergenic fish processed products.
Teaching: General Food Science, Refrigeration Science
YAMADA, Akinori, Associate Professor
Research Interests: Microbiology, Molecular Biology
Teaching: Molecular Biology
HIRASAKA, Katsuya, Associate Professor
Research Interests: Molecular Nutritional Science and Nutritional Physiology
Teaching: Physiology, Colloid Chemistry

Institute for East China Sea Research
SOYANO, Kiyoshi, Professor
Research Interests: Physiological and endocrinological studies on fish reproduction; Roles of sex pheromones on reproductive phenomena (oocyte maturation, ovulation and spawning) in teleost fish; Study on the osmoregulation in euryhaline fish.
Teaching: Genetics, Physiology of Aquatic Animals
KAWABE, Ryo, Professor
Research Interests: Behavioural ecology and biological oceanography: Research on migration in large pelagic and benthic predators; biomechanics of fish swimming; analysis of the potential impact of climate change on the movement patterns of marine animals.
Teaching: Physics I, Biological Oceanography
NISHIHARA, Gregory Naoki, Professor
Research Interests:The relationship between the chemical and fluid environment and the physiology and ecology of large bed-forming macroalgae.
Teaching: Basic Biological Statistics, Fluid Mechanics, Analysis of Fisheries Resources Dynamics
NAKAMURA, Itsumi, Assistant Professor
Research Interests:
MURATA, Ryousuke, Assistant Professor
Research Interests:

TS Nagasaki-Maru
MORII, Yasuhiro, Professor, Captain
Research Interests: Influences of the natural increase of the dead weight constant of the vessel originate in the secular change. Distribution of the useful fishes in the East China Sea.
Teaching: Astronomical Navigation, Training Cruise II
YAMAWAKI, Nobuhiro, Associate Professor, Chief Officer
Research Interests: Environmental factors of fishing ground. Accuracy of ship's position.
Teaching: Marine Engineering
KINOSHITA, Tsukasa, Assistant Professor, Radio Officer
Research Interests:
Teaching: The Ocean's Meteorology
AIZAWA, Itaru, Assistant Professor, First Officer
Research Interests:
Teaching: Advanced Navigation
Hoshina, Sota, Assistant Professor, Second Officer
Research Interests:

TS Kakuyo-Maru
AOSHIMA, Takashi, Associate Professor, Captain
Research Interests: Flotsam in the equatorial counter current region of the western Pacific. Current in the equatorial region.
Teaching: Training Cruise I
UCHIDA, Jyun, Associate Professor, Chief Officer
Research Interests:
Teaching: Navigation Science
MASUMI, Satoshi, Assistant Professor, Second Officer
Research Interests:
Teaching: Electronic Navigation

Professors Emeriti
Ko, Y. Zenitani, B. Hidaka, N. Mizue, K. Koga, S.
Dotsu, Y. Shibata, K. Migita, S. Abe, S. Miyahara, S.
Taniguchi, T. Hirayama, K. Nakasai, K. Senta, T. Nakane, S.
Fujisawa, H. Yada, S. Tabeta, O. Takita, T. Muramatsu, T.
Ishihara, T. Tsuchimoto, M. Matsuyama, M. Fujita, Y. Morii, H.
Takemura, A. Natsukari, Y. Takaki, Y. Yoshikoshi, K. Kataoka, C.
Yoshimura, H. Goda, M. Matsuoka, K. Matsubayashi, N. Nakata, H.
Hara, K. Kanehara, H. Kitamura, H. Takayama, H. Kanai, K.
Ishimatsu, A. Tamaki, A. Oda, T.
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