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History of the Faculty of Fisheries

April 1948 Department of Fisheries was newly established in Nagasaki Normal School in Omura.
May 1949 National School Establishment Law was promulgated, and the Department of Fisheries was incorporated in to Nagasaki University as the Faculty of Fisheries with three department.
June 1950 The Faculty was relocated to Sakibe-cho, Sasebo from Omura.
April 1953 Advanced One Year Course for far sea fishing was established.
April 1960 One Year Diploma Courses for the three department were established.
August 1961 The Faculty was relocated to the present campus in Bunkyo-machi,Nagasaki from Sasebo. A marine laboratory of the School of Medicine was transferred to the Faculty of Fisheries, becoming its Fisheries Experimental Station.
April 1970 Graduate School of Fisheries (Master's Course) was established, abolishing the One Year Diploma Courses, except that for far sea fishing.
April 1973 Three departments were reorganized into one Department of Fisheries, while establishing four courses.
April 1974 Three courses of the Graduate School were reorganized in to one course of Fisheries.
April 1980 The internal education system was reorganized into three courses.
April 1984 Eighteen laboratories were reorganized into six divisions.
April 1988 Graduate School of Marine Science and Engineering (3-Year Doctoral Course following Master's Course) was established.
April 1994 Liberal-arts education system was abolished to initiate 4-year consistent under-graduate education in the Faculty. The education system in the Faculty was revised to establish seven study courses.
April 1997 Fisheries Experimental Station was reorganized into Marine Research Institute.
April 1999 Six divisions were reorganized into four divisions. The educational system was revised to establish four study courses.
April 2000 Graduate School of Science and Technology (first two-year term for Master's Program and latter three-year term for Doctoral Program) was established, abolishing the Graduate School of Fisheries (Master's Program) and Graduate School of Marine Science and Engineering (Doctoral Program).
April 2002 Engineering Education Program of Fisheries Science was established.
March 2004 Advanced One Year Diploma Course for far sea fishing was abolished.
May 2004 Engineering Education Program of the Fisheries Science was accredited by the Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (JABEE).
April 2005 Institute for East China Sea Research was established. (Marine Research Institute, Faculty of Fisheries was discontinued.)
April 2011 The Graduate School of Fisheries and Environmental Studies was established after the reorganization of the Graduate School of Science and Technology.
April 2013 The Graduate School of Science and Technology (Master's Degree Program) was abolished.
April 2016 Institute of East China Sea Research is attached to the Organization for Marine Science and Technology.
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