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TS Nagasaki-maru
The current Nagasaki-maru is the third ship of the name constructed in February 1986, succeeding the first one which was completed in March 1952 and the second one which was built in March 1964.
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TS Kakuyo-maru
Kakuyo-maru is a training ship named after the former TS-Kakuyou-maru. She was active from 1975 until succeeded by new Kakuyo-maru in 2005. The ship measures 155 gross tons and is 35.5 m long. She had a top speed of 15 knots.
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Marine Research Institute
The Marine Research Institute (MRI) is located in the New Nagasaki Fishing Port, next to the Nagasaki Prefectural Institute of Fisheries.
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ex TS-Kakuyo-maru
Kakuyo-maru was constructed in June 1975 and retired on March 2005.
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R/V Kakusui
The first Kakusui constructed in March 1968 was replaced by the current Kakusui constructed in March 1982.
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